• From the founding idea of a handful of Limnogeologists in 1993, spurred on the by the strides being made by lake drilling programs at the time, the International Association of Limnogeology (IAL) had its first international conference in Copenhagen in 1995 and was finally incorporated as an association by its third international conference in 2003 in Tucson, USA.


    The association was led by Elizabeth Gierlowski-Kordesch from its formation until her death in May 2016, and the solid foundation that Beth began is being continued by the current Board of Directors. As Beth stated, lake basins are dynamic systems that respond to environmental interactions that are recorded in the basin sediments. This is the guiding theme of the IAL.


    IAL links those who realize that the study of lake basins, both modern and ancient, is important and topical. Limnogeology is a young geoscience with a unique and valuable place among frontier research topics. Limnogeology will maintain such an exciting and prominent position well into this century because the discipline provides information needed for many high priority fields such as paleoclimate and paleohhydrology, resources exploration (oil and gas as well as minerals and brines), environmental protection and water resource assessments, as well as forming a basis for future climate modeling.


    The association has had a meeting every four years since 1995, and will continue with expanded meetings that bring together IAL and the International Paleolimnology Association (IPA).

    IAL was founded by Beth Gierlowski-Kordesch

    Elizabeth Gierlowski-Kordesch led IAL from its formation until her death in May 2016. A tribute to Beth and all her great work can be found at: http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10933-016-9915-1.

  • News

    Dear All We are delighted to announce that the next Joint IPA-IAL meeting will take place in Bariloche, Argentina from 22nd to 25th March 2021 with registration open from the afternoon of Sunday 21st March. The conference venue will be the BEC (Bariloche Events and Conferences). You can see...
    The Niwot Ridge Long-Term Ecological Research Program (LTER) is seeking a postdoctoral scientist with expertise in the aquatic sciences for a two-year position at the University of Colorado, Boulder. This position offers a unique opportunity to integrate long-term field data, experimental...
    The Generalitat de Catalunya, within the so‐called Serra Hunter program, has convened a Stratigraphy post for the Department of Earth and Ocean dynamics (University of Barcelona), an interdisciplinary department where Stratigraphy is integrated: https://www.ub.edu/web/ub/en/universitat...
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  • Who Are We

    Current board of the IAL

    Michael R. Rosen



    Julieta Massaferro



    Blas Valero-Garcés



    Jennifer Scott



  • Concha Arenas


    Margarita Caballero


    Jack Lacey


    Adriana Mancuso


    Daniel Ochieng Olago


    Michael Smith


    Nicolas Waldmann


    Liping Zhu


  • Awards

    IAL W.H. Bradley Medal

    The IAL W.H. Bradley Medal is given to a limnogeologist who is outstanding in their field, shows dedication and service to the field of limnogeology and has contributed outstanding ideas and innovation to the field, including seminal publications. The medal is named after the geologist Wilmot Hyde Bradley.



    The IAL board would like to solicit your nominations for the next Bradley medal winner (to be awarded at the IPA-IAL joint meeting in Argentina 2021). The next deadline for nominations is January 2021; early applications are welcome. Further information on the nomination process and criteria can be downloaded here: Bradley Medal Nominations.


    Previous Medal Winners

    2018 IPA-IAL Stockholm, Sweden: Andy Cohen (USA)

    2015 ILIC6 Reno, USA: Jean-Jacques Tiercelin (France)

    2011 ILIC5 Constance, Germany: Beth Gierlowski-Kordesch (USA)

    2007 ILIC4 Barcelona, Spain: Mike Talbot (Norway)

    2003 ILIC3 Tuscon, USA: Tom Johnson (USA)

    1999 ILIC2 Brest, France: Kerry Kelts (USA)

  • Upcoming Meetings

    7-12 April 2019

    Vienna, Austria


    **Session deadline 6 September 2018**
    **Abstract deadline 10 January 2019**

    25-31 July 2019

    Dublin, Ireland


    **Abstract deadline 9 January 2019**

    IPA-IAL Joint Meeting 2021

    22-25 March 2021

    Bariloche, Argentina


    The next Joint IPA-IAL meeting will take place in Bariloche, Argentina from 22nd to 25th March 2021 with registration open from the afternoon of Sunday 21st March. The conference venue will be the BEC (Bariloche Events and Conferences). You can see some images on the BEC website at http://www.barilocheeventos.com/


    The venue is in a fantastic location on the shores of Nahuel Huapi, a large glacial lake surrounded by the Andes Mountains.


    Please put the dates in your diaries. More details will follow in due course.

  • Publications

    International Limnogeology Congress

    ILIC1 1995

    Copenhagen, Denmark

    Abstract Volume

    ILIC2 1999

    Brest, France

    Abstract Volume

    ILIC3 2003

    Tuscon, USA

    Abstract Volume

    ILIC4 2007

    Barcelona, Spain

    Abstract Volume

    ILIC5 2011

    Constance, Germany

    Abstract Volume

    ILIC6 2015

    Reno, USA

    Abstract Volume

    ILIC6 2015

    Reno, USA

    Field Trip Guidebook

    IPA-IAL 2018

    Stockholm, Sweden

    Abstract Volume

  • Partners

    International Paleolimnology Association (IPA)

    The function of the Association will be to promote the interests of paleolimnology globally by a variety of activities, including, but not restricted to:

    1. holding regular (currently every three years) international conferences;
    2. providing an effective means of communication among paleolimnologists and other scientists and users of paleolimnological information in the form of a web page, the listservice titled the Paleolimnology Forum, and other communication media;
    3. providing other general support and coordination to the international paleolimnological community (such as exploring ways to assist scientists from countries with currency exchange problems to attend conferences and workshops).

    Facilitating the success of the International Paleolimnology Symposia will constitute the main activity associated with the IPA. Although the organization, local arrangements, and financial accounting of the international symposia will rest fully with the local organizers, the IPA will assist in providing coordination between different symposia and ensuring that viable host candidates will be available for future symposia. The IPA Executive Board will solicit and screen proposals for symposia that will be put to a vote at the conference.


    The goals of the association are also linked with the goals of the main publication vehicle for paleolimnologists, the Journal of Paleolimnology (currently published by Springer). As the Journal of Paleolimnology is a privately owned journal, the link with the association will be indirect. Nonetheless, the goals of the journal will continue to serve the overall goals of the association as a scholarly publication dedicated to paleolimnology. For example, it is anticipated that Springer will continue to offer much discounted personal subscription rates for members of the association. However, many other journals and other publication media are also available to paleolimnologists, and the association will encourage the development and growth of all high quality publications that serve their members’ needs.


    Additional activities and goals of the IPA will be to provide a more formal link to other societies, provide a more structured link to global programs, and facilitate opportunities for strategic thinking and planning. Other activities may include other association functions, such as award sponsorship and various types of publication and education services.


    To find out more about the IPA please visit their website or Facebook page.

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